DIY // Hair Accessories

I love a good bit of crafty time when it's a rainy day so it's good that the weather decided to turn bad today and I was stuck inside. I've always loved using scrunchies in my hair and I've recently seen them in shops and I thought the other day, 'why not make my own?'

They're so simple to make, the hair bows too, and I absolutely love them! 

I wore one of the bows out to dinner the other night, I'll be back with a makeup/outfit post about that tomorrow!

Leave a comment below if you like to make your own hair accessories or if you'd be interested in me doing an in depth how-to on these!


  1. your hair is so long and ahhh make me one too okay.

  2. Beautiful Hair and lovely DIY. I followed you, hope you follow my blog back. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  3. Just found your blog and so happy to be following :)
    Unfortunately my hair's too short these days to do much with, but scrunchies takes me right back to primary school :) I used to have a pink "Burberry" one and a navy blue one with little silver balls sewed onto it that I used to wear to school every day to match my navy uniform!!
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  4. would love a how to post on these! x