My Top Everyday Lipsticks

I recently made a YouTube video where I showed my top six favourite lipsticks for everyday wear and I wanted to go into a bit more detail about them here! Although some would say these six shades are very similar (they are, I will admit!), they all have something different to them which makes me love them. So here it goes, in no particular order, of course.

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London
I love the formula of this lipstick so much! As the name states, it's creamy and velvety and doesn't dry up on your lips like a lot of matte lipsticks do these days. This shade is probably the most 'nude' one out of all of these, it goes perfect with absolutely anything!

2. Too Faced Melted Liquified lipstick in Nude
The formula of this lipstick is very similar to the NYX one in that it's very creamy and doesn't dry out your lips but definitely drys down a lot more. The shade of this one is a lovely peachy light nude and I usually stay clear of orange toned lipsticks but this one seems to suit me quite well! I do find this lipstick doesn't stay on for as long as some others that I have but it's never really been a deal breaker as I love the colour and formula too much.

3. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick in Cinnamon Beige
I won't lie, the name of this lipstick was part of the reason I purchased it but I do also really like the colour and formula! This colour is very similar to the London NYX shade although slightly darker. I love this one mostly as I'm a big fan of traditional lipsticks, they're easy to apply whenever needed and just feel nice on your lips! This is a matte shade and doesn't really last very long, you'll need to reapply after eating or drinking but it keeps my lips feeling moisturised and that's all I could really ask from a matte lipstick!

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm
As mentioned above, I love the formula of this lipstick and this colour is just gorgeous! It's more pink toned than the London shade but again I feel like I can throw this on with anything and it pulls everything together.

5. MAC Satin Lipstick in Brave
This lipstick is the oldest of the bunch but definitely not one to be forgotten! MAC's satin lipsticks are probably one of my favourite formulas I've ever tried. It's not completely matte but also not overly shiny, it's the perfect in between. It's pretty long wearing and doesn't dry out your lips at all. This is definitely and always will be my perfect 'my lips but better' shade.

6. NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipstick in Push Up
The formula of this lipstick is definitely my least favourite of the bunch but one of the most long wearing so you just have to pick your battles with this one! When I first tried this lipstick on I thought I was going to hate it as it really dries out your lips as it's drying but once it's dry it feels a lot nicer, which is very strange to me! The colour of this one is definitely more of a brownish pink (if that makes any sense) but I really like it for that little pop of colour that isn't too in your face.

So there you have it, my top six everyday lipsticks! If you're interested in seeing how these apply and look on the lips then feel free to watch my video below! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite everyday lipsticks are and if we have any of the same!

xo Phoebe

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