I recently had an amazing stay in Palm Springs whilst attending Coachella back in April. We stayed in an Airbnb that exceeded all of our expectations. After arriving and spending approximately an hour of exploring every corner, opening every cupboard and pointing out every flamingo themed thing in the place, the only thing left to do was have a photoshoot of course!

I wanted to show this suuuper pretty maxi playsuit (no idea if that's what they're actually called, but it works for me) that I had purchased from Forever 21 as one of my first Coachella buys. I didn't end up wearing it to the festival as the long sleeves were a little restricting and I definitely would've been too warm in it but I'm still obsessed with how it looks. 

The playsuit is from the brand Selfie Leslie which I'd never heard of before but it's a gorgeous silky material and is actually still available on Forever 21 here! It's still on sale too which is a bonus!

Love, Phoebe xoxo

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