DIY // Crayon Lipsticks

I've heard a lot about people making lipsticks with crayons and coconut oil, so last night I thought I'd give it a go. I wont go fully into detail about how to do it because there's a lot of tutorials/videos out there already but you basically put the oil and crayon into a glass that's in a pan of boiling water and then pour it into a little pot when it's all melted. 

I ended up making a blue, red, and two dark purples that weren't supposed to be the same colour. I made the blue one simply because I wanted something to match my hair, haha.

These aren't really anything too extraordinary and despite adding in a few drops of peppermint essence, they still have a very strong waxy smell that puts me off. They aren't that pigmented either, but I think that depends on how much of the crayon you put in to how much coconut oil.

These are the swatches I did on my arm, as you can see one of them doesn't really show up at all. They're more of a tinted lip balm over anything I'd say. I might have a play around with them though and see if I can get any of them to look good.

Let me know in a comment if you've ever tried making these or if you'd be interested to see an update in a few weeks if I can get them to show up well!


  1. That was a blast. I loved that it matched your hair omggg

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  3. I've never seen or heard anything about these before, but they look like a fun idea! I'd love to see some swatches on your actual lips to see how they turned out.
    Laura x | My Life in a Blog

  4. I've never heard of this idea before! But wow, its amazing!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

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  6. VERY COOL :)

  7. Interesting! where do you get organic coconut oil?
    I'm your new follower in blogivn

    Best regards,

  8. I have not even heard of this either!! Looks like a very interesting concept, and definitely fun to do. I am going to investigate this further!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets