REVIEW // Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow

Ever since watching this video, I've wanted to try out this whole one swipe eye shadow trend. Fortunately enough, last week my sister came over with a bunch of things she didn't want after doing a bit of new year cleaning (including a whole heap of clothes - yay for being the youngest sister!) Included in what she wanted to get rid of were these 'Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadows' that she'd got free with a magazine and of course, I jumped at the chance of giving them a try.

The ones I have are in Shade 02: Cappuccino which is a neutral set of colours, starting off with a dark brown to a light brown and then into a light gold as a highlight. These are part of the 'Pearl' collection so the shadows have a shimmer to them.

Taken from the Eye Majic website, the product claims "the warmth generated by the human body activates the powders and then transfers the eye shadow/colors from the patented soft foam applicator to the eyelid in a simple sweep." I found that you have to be very careful when taking the applicators out of the packet as I ended up wiping off a bit of the shadow from the corner with my finger, not realizing it would wipe it away that easily.

Before applying, I primed my eyes with a DIY primer that I've been using and followed the instructions from a video on the product's website. It's pretty simple, you just tilt your head back, place the applicator on your eyelid, hold for a few seconds and then swipe the applicator out and upwards.

Before and after blending

I found that they didn't end up applying too smoothly, which could be because of my hooded eye shape. There were a few parts that got missed near the outer corner but I feel like this would differ for everyone depending on your eye shape. Blending was definitely needed, but can be done with the opposite end of the foam applicator, like suggested in the how-to video from the product's website. I did find that there was a bit of fallout from the darkest colour, which was something I thought you'd be able to avoid with a product like this.

Overall I think this is a pretty cool product and great for beginners who have trouble knowing where to put which shadows on their eyes. I'd love to try these in a few different colours (especially as I'm not a big fan of gold shadows on myself), but I'll have to wait until their New Zealand shipping isn't $37.88!


  1. Your probs the best selfie taker, I've ever seen x

  2. I would mess this up so badly I can tell. XD It looks lovely on you though! ^_^

  3. Their such a cool idea!! I defiantly think they need to be blended though because otherwise it looks quite messy.
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo